Step Four Poem

The beauty of Step Four, It gets right to the core A boot camp method versus procrastination over the past twelve months, Has packed quite the punch,

Testing my endurance to the extreme, a level I’m pretty au fait with, the inner workings of my addict trying to boost her self-esteem,

But this time around, the process has been gradual, a far cry from the one before where the intensity was residual, almost leading to another breakdown for the primary source had me spellbound,

Captivated in a whirlwind of lust and deceit, mutual manipulation, treating the other like a piece of meat, till I could take no more of repeatedly evening the score, I admitted defeat then landed on my feet by coming into SLAA, the best thing I’ve ever done by far,

A programme bespoke, this ain’t no joke for the condition is critical, a miracle shortly ensued for my fantasy laid in lieu, To embark on the journey of self-discovery, Let me introduce you to Recovery!

Published by mishaddict

I'm a Recovering Addict whom journals around me sobriety issues.

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