You can’t intellectualise your way out of Addiction, Furthest away from reality, closest to Fiction

A powerlessness that gets hold of you no matter how hard you try to escape from its grip, it imprisons you in the lie

Numerous ways to try and control the behaviour, self-will run riot, becoming your own Saviour…..but it never lasts long as the cravings are too strong

Back in the cycle of using and abusing, anything you can find to fill that hole and calm the mind. The more you do, the more you want because the disease has you at ransom, disguised as nonchalant

The only thing keeping you there is your drug of choice, the list is endless just give it a voice Admitting you need help is the bravest thing you could ever do, following the people who have gone before you, filling their shoes

It ain’t for the faint hearted but once you’ve started, you’ll see results and realise the Fellowships aren’t a Cult

They’re designed to help you live life on life’s terms and deal with the mental health issue and begin to learn

Supporting you on your journey to finding your authentic self, the greatest gift to you and your health

Hold on tight to the Rollercoaster ride, there’s nowhere left to hide!!!

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