Grateful Greta

Grappling with gracious gratitude, My attitude has improved since taking a break,

Like a stake through the heart of a Love Avoidant ❤, the How Programme became an antagonistic ointment for my needs,

Exposing my fear, guilt and perfectionism to dangerous extents, it sent my system into overdrive,

Lithe in aesthetics, phonetics pleasing to the ears of others but I became immersed and smothered in a bubble of meetings and WhatsApp groups, forgetting there’s a life outside, a tool to hide and sit in my comfort zone, scared of the unknown,

But as I sit here drinking a Herbal Tea in a 40’s esque German Cafe, I couldn’t be happier as holding on too tight wasn’t challenging the flight of life lessons I needed to climb, so here I am, I’m ready to shine 😊

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