Hear Me

It’s not absurd to wanna be heard, I have a right to my feelings, every single one of them and emotional support distorting as control and contort,

Uncomfortable in your skins because vulnerability was considered a sin, bin it…..laden it with suppressed satiation,

When loved ones give me the space to be me in my entirety, happy, sad, mad as a fad diet, piloting in pits of quietness,

I grow another inch because I was brought up supporting the very being who was meant to be supporting me…..but he didn’t have the capacity to hold space for my wants and needs,

So as an adult in Recovery, I seek the ppl who can provide for me…..what I can provide for others

“Let it out dear family, friends and fellows”

And if I have too much going on for myself, I’ll communicate that to you instead of dismissing or shutting you down or frowning upon your crying episodes because I can’t cope with the load,

I deserve to be heard, held, loved and cuddled, puddled in prey staking salutations of warmth,

Because my inner Mischa missed out from her Greatest Teacher x

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