You lost your SLAA Supply over Lockdown and blamed lack of connection for your sultry demise into cutting ties with AA Meetings in person……

When really the Women you sought were no longer bought by quotings of the ‘Big Book’, hooking them into a false belief your 24 years of Recovery was solid,

Sordid more like and sicker than the weaker of Catholicism Hypocrisy. You’d rather Twelve Step every other Sucker into Sex and Love Addiction Anonymous than recognise your own disease,

Appeasing those that came after you to mask and mark your territory, until you swiftly swirl into a world of Self-righteousness and Dishonesty,

Convincing yourself and others that a spot of Process Addiction Fellowships did the trick, instead you tricked your mind into utter denial, vile attempts to frequent those who live alone, a lovely abode to decode those whom are vulnerable,

My recent attempts were swathed in selfishness and self-seeking lingering but underneath that candid tale was a gal who wanted her Dad,

To seek his approval and support but my desire was fraught with fantasy, so desperately I hung onto the toxic positivity until reality overridingly ditched the sitch,

I do have compassion for your hearts desire to heal those that remind you of your Mother and to repress that trauma which lingers at every corner……but there’s only so many passes you get before regret becomes bigger than the figure of speech you rehearse in your sleep,

Good riddance Dear Man, I want better than the headed letter which reads ‘Do not Date a replica of your Father in his illness……Date your Grandfather in his wellness’ x

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