My lil Arthur is on the mend, fending for himself again in his self made den,

I’m Proud of my four legged boy for remaining so coy about all his accomplishments,

A chip off the old block, he doth mock the controlling undertones for he is capable and savvy,

Able to carry himself with delicate dignity, he ‘pities the fool’ who tries to undermine him,

Prim and proper, he’s like a Furry Copper surveying any given situation,

Patience is the privy to his determined lil soul,

But unfortunately his undiagnosed illness took it’s toll on his lil body,

Shoddy streams of seizure infused dreams led to needing ♥️ kindness in a painful decision for me,

See my Sea born Stray, shipwrecked in Earnest Hemmingway words of wisdom,

Took his last breath on Easter Sunday. Jesus lay him to rest in the best possible scenario,

Instead of street life – he lived his best life with me and although I am crippled with grief, I wouldn’t change my belief that you were sent to me by the Power That Be,

I’ve only just returned to the room where your presence has vanished,

My flat feels like the notion itself. I want you back and although I’ve washed and tidied away most of your things, a few left to go are slow in the process but it’s ‘My Process’, no one else’s.

You left your mark on my heart, forever your Mum, Goodnight Sweet Boy, I bid you “Ahoy” from my sunken solitude of tears x

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