As the darkness descends on Romford Towwwwnnnnn, I drown in crevices of cloud filled shrapnel,

The fragments in the guise of rain could penetrate my brain at any given moment, postponement of predictive ex leaves me in a shivering state of perpetuating plate spinning atrocity,

I can’t wait to return to the land and sea where I can be free to evaluate and coagulate around wounds split open in the face of depressive dystopia,

Cornucopia has spilled over into Southend synchronicitys, this is where my heart finds my head and my head finds my God,

Sod the streak of bleak blank spaces which aces the air of laces and ribbons in my new home, I don’t feel so alone as the community cuddles me,

People are kinder, wiser and open to communicate, they delegate their desire to help others discover,

Mothering the orphan inspired newbies to develop their sense of Shoebury……nesting amongst the bigger birds of prey to engulf the food of knowledge, the Porridge for the poor to embark on free events sent to satisfy the Cultured Club,

The best move I ever made has payed my dividends to the divine and within him I lie x


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