Male Mates Required

Tranversive Text through a FedEx File of Fury,
Curator of a Dater without Whirlwind Romance leaves me with Ants in my Pants,

A Sea Shanty of sorts resorts to Knickerboxer Gloria… Van Morrison’s 60’s classic plays in the background, an image conjured of back seat petting needs vetting as I surround sounds the not so subtle shillings of Woman Winnings in her naughty but nice head,

She needs connection of the male kind to wind her narrative in. Whose out there to make the stare healthier not shiftier?

A friend that I doesn’t fancy leaves me panic at the disco…..alone, toned down from the disappointment of yesterday’s near miss involvement,

I wish I wasn’t so attracted to the Record Shop Guy who left me shy in nature to ruminate later,

He’d make a lovely mate to hang out with but I can’t let my Addict create something magic with yet another unavailable man,

Tanned as I am – I look better than ever but on an endeavour to study and re-train for a suitable role which makes use of my brain,

Not a booty call Coffee under the assumption of something more naive, an undercurrent of tease would intrigue the hell out of the Bell Boy of British ease,

So pleased I stepped way just a lil embarrassed but I was direct in my local dialect.

With fantasy withdrawn, I can pawn back to the Subtle Secretary of Madam Melody,
Fighting to gain and sustain stability to suit my abilities, I remain grounded within my future endeavours to keep me clever.

Watch this spacious page as I grow and heal into a splendid source of special needs resource x

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