Wandering Withdrawals

I always feel better once I express my lottery letters of Editors pick of the day as
quality time alone ruined by rapid speaking of the Serenity Prayer, debonair in it’s dressed up distraction, my hearts palpitations reach its caffeine climax,

I seek fellowship in lip to lip service,
sensory souls fold pleats in my mould,
An audio of workout directions brings me round as the loud noise retracts into environmental facts,

Pacts of wisdom learnt today pays for the fastidious follicles of mental health displays,

Age doesn’t matter as I splatter 90’s tales of nostalgia,

Maybe Course Training equals college years as false recognition signs the petition of girl meets boy. Discussing bands like we’re 19 self soothes the effects of adult responsibility,

But tranquility rests in a Boxset that suits best,

‘This Life’ for the true men worthy of me as their Wife…..Egg, Miles, Joe? Who will it be?…..nobody knows 🤔 😜,

How will a forty three year old me respond in Recovery to a sexually charged depiction of a group of twenty something Lawyers?

I’ll leave this Poem open for a second installment of fantasy fulfillment x

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