Taiquando Technicalities

Showering myself in Taekwondo Techinicalites, personalities persuaded, shaded in reds, golds and greens, I’m keen to get started on arted streams of living the dream,

Sorcery slaves come in waves as I stumble upon depths of Johnny Depp typecast of weird yet wonderful characters. I see myself in them, a sidelined soul shoaled for not transcribing to clique type tactics to shield addictive antics,

My values have changed, my authenticity remains in tact after leaving the pact for a healthier Tribe……but the pain is real. Grieving a past friendship, has me reaching for the Lemsip of cold cures.

My body aches as it mistakes exclusion for future fusion of forest freaks, wandering alone to the two tone sounds of Skars hidden within their hearts, gasping for air as another tears a wound doomed for lonely endeavours,

Bring me back to the present as my Angels are showing me the way to a day, where I can, and I am feeling more comfortable around those who meet and accept me for who I am, who don’t try to fix me, make me feel small or compete with me due to their own insecurities,

My quest for equality is being met, set to storm ahead for more mates from fate filled forays, mayday calls as I use the tools of resistance to steady my system,

My path is no longer rye but a pie of presidential demeanor, a linear approach guided by my inner Coach x


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