Intrinsic Intrigue

Squandered scriptures of fantasy pictures,
Reasons enslaved, I’m bathed in confused muses of the same man,

Disguised as facets catching light in charisma shaped bite sized prizes,

I take a step back as the charm starts to mingle with mask swapping shopping,

Charged energy, bills the recipient in ego swathing stories of potential yet essential fixed prices,

Slicing the economies erogenous zones as phones source the remedy to make enemies with retail rewards,

Sordid swords clash as another takes cover, in other intriguingly good cakes,

Withering in withdrawals, using people as drugs don’t work anymore,

It’s a poor replacement for healthy entertainment,

So I go back to source with enough sauce left in the bottle,

To drink from purer thoughts, caught in a daydream of reality bites the dust,

I must proceed to feed myself with top line behaviour to challenge Xavier at super natural resorts to build my Fort of freedom from fantasy addiction!

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