The Domino Effect

Distained Domino’s dropping at rapid rates,
Circular motion’s, dots blurring, interface,

In withdrawals from acting out out, I used to get about but now it’s a sedimentary affair,

In obsessive Rumination over a trauma bond, fond of fancying men who depict my Dad in his self-sacrificing sorrows of tomorrow’s,

Mocha Mischa hails the Master of Music as I journal my thoughts from this morning, wallowing warnings of past fling brings positive pictures of future fruitfulness,

Original pain was recieved and perceived last night as I watched music vids and sobbed mobbed means of rescuing remedies,

Coming out the other side as I wander past the tides in summery winter,

People smile as I conceive creative abundance,

No longer needing outside validation as mediation for family triggers,

I’m more accepting but boundried, astounded by the progress, I sometimes regress and implode or explode, but hey, extremes bring me back to balance to utilise my talent!


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