My Own Valentine

Single sadness, heart rendered madness, External walls lay like a shawl across my blocked shoulders of sworded sacrifice,

To entice another, would discern a lover from a long-term partner,

Neither are on the cover as the ten of hearts discovered, I feel smothered with splashings of romantic gestures,

I run and hide from strides in commitment based relationships. I don’t even appreciate people in my space, let alone a man in my “ironically” heart themed place,

When will the avoidance steps and risks begin to work? When will I allow someone to love me? When will I stop denying someone available the key to my heart? When will smart decisions envision a happy couple?

I’m sold on the idea, but as soon as a girl of forty-three meets boy…..I wonder if they are just another toy, to keep me from meeting the real McCoy?,

Devoid and annoyed with the lack thereof, I continue to concentrate on building from within to even contemplate my next of Kin,

So I got dressed up and took myself out for a manicure 💅 and a stroll along the sea, then bought myself a bunch of roses and chocolates to prove I’m my cup of tea,

It’ll happen when the time is right, but first, I must commit to my daily plight, of loving me, appreciating me, affirmations for mini me to behold and see,

Stop buying into the self-fulfilling prophecy of rejection and abandonment but showing up for me, not allowing others to devalue me, I am Me in my entirety!!! ❤️‍🩹❤


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