Cruel Inactions

Creeping Cruelly around my candescent evanescence, Paying a penance for the punishment I inflict upon myself, Health weary, feeling teary at the slightest criticism, minimalizing my mature communication to fit their colloquialism, Self-doubt, I tout the tickets to an audacious show before I implode, I must strive to feel alive without consent to meet myContinue reading “Cruel Inactions”

Grateful Greta

Grappling with gracious gratitude, My attitude has improved since taking a break, Like a stake through the heart of a Love Avoidant ❤, the How Programme became an antagonistic ointment for my needs, Exposing my fear, guilt and perfectionism to dangerous extents, it sent my system into overdrive, Lithe in aesthetics, phonetics pleasing to theContinue reading “Grateful Greta”


Weaker is the Seeker who is transfixed by the rulebook. Petrified, she must rectify and clarify. Permanently tense, her throat chakra needs a fence to deploy against the enemy within. Fearing people, places and things for criticism is astigmatism for the trapped trauma. Warmer are her attributes when her hyper sensitivity becomes less fidgety, clearingContinue reading “Perfectemundo”


I’m on a Secret Endeavour to create something clever from a plethora of hidden talents. Manifesting as the days go by, tuning into a lullaby which represents all those times I’ve kept it small, afraid to stand tall. Appalled by the way I spoke to myself and still do at times, a sign to stepContinue reading “Endeavour”

Over and Under

Oversharing leads to undersharing, Overindulgence leads to deprivation, Acting Out leads to Acting In, When will the balance begin? I crave Piggy in the middle, I crave the beige in Lidl, I admire the mediocre Fiddle Player whose scraping by but full of joy 😊 I employ the help of tip top tools to coolContinue reading “Over and Under”


You can’t intellectualise your way out of Addiction, Furthest away from reality, closest to Fiction A powerlessness that gets hold of you no matter how hard you try to escape from its grip, it imprisons you in the lie Numerous ways to try and control the behaviour, self-will run riot, becoming your own Saviour…..but itContinue reading “Addiction”

Cane Power

Cradling, enabling this cane to initiate the pain. The Nuns casting their sadistic spells to punish the part that’s unwell. I send myself to a constant Convent of rules and regulations, swathing myself in bandages to supress bad languages, A linguistic shelter for my heart ❤ to swelter, there’s no escape from my head whichContinue reading “Cane Power”

National Poetry Day Poem

It’s National Poetry Day, a Ray of Sun Kissed Words fill up my page, reminding me that rhyme is sublime. My journey with this Soul Searching Outlet began when my Dad died, I cried into the paper of expression, using my thoughts as a powerful lesson in the grieving and receiving of love, an accoladeContinue reading “National Poetry Day Poem”

Star Crossed Chords

As I’m chord cutting, I envision myself as a Jedi Master, the faster my light sabre moves, the faster my feuds are removed, Driven by entangled toxic connected shocks is a revelling reminder to be kinder to those who pose a threat to my safety net. An assumption conjured up by the gumption of theContinue reading “Star Crossed Chords”