I never know what to say, I overdo it because nerves get in the way, delay, pause then respond, conned into patterns of the past, “you won’t be accepted unless you wear a mask”. In group situations, I constantly escape to the loo, to avoid awkward silences and social ques, Then I go and blurtContinue reading “Nerves”

Parental Pedestal

Living in the pits of Parent success, their focus, their passion, driven, I was a mess in the underlying contest. I tried emulating and following in their paths but to little or no avail, constantly comparing, despairing in unrealistic goals. Always wanting more than I could give, for them for me and for me toContinue reading “Parental Pedestal”

Meter Mischa

I was limitless in my Addictions, craving quick fixes, making poor choices, destructive cycles. Looking outside in, forgetting my sins, Replaying again, illness laid within, Forgot ends, begin. Stigma suffocates, cliché made mistakes, Faded glamour breaks, Crotchet formed prisons, coloured blocks, tick tock. Lockdowns in local, Boyfriends my focal, sick from inside out, full ofContinue reading “Meter Mischa”

The Ex

A cantankerous body of souls folds pleats into my nighttime sheets, Convalescence crepes from the nape of my neck to the tips of my toes, curling as my subconscious transcends me into another world, where Exes play the lead as the story unfolds. I’m trying to make sense of the jumbled puzzle upon awakening, forsakingContinue reading “The Ex”

A Bridge to Normal Living

“A bridge to normal living” say the 12 step Fellowships……but what is normal? The further I dig, the more I see, the more I see, the less I trust such shallow ideologues. Like a fog clearing the way, I’m in total dismay at the amount of people with attachment issues, scarred tissues worn on theContinue reading “A Bridge to Normal Living”