The sound of ‘Baba O’ Reilly’ improves my concentration by ’11’, ‘Tonight, Tonight’ was a gift from Heaven to introduce me to my fave band and Drummer of all time, ‘The Bends’ was used to defend my honour against an abusive Father, sending me ‘Parachutes’ to ‘The Great Escape’, leaving a ‘Lump’ in my throatContinue reading “Misic”


You lost your SLAA Supply over Lockdown and blamed lack of connection for your sultry demise into cutting ties with AA Meetings in person…… When really the Women you sought were no longer bought by quotings of the ‘Big Book’, hooking them into a false belief your 24 years of Recovery was solid, Sordid moreContinue reading “Qualifier”

Hear Me

It’s not absurd to wanna be heard, I have a right to my feelings, every single one of them and emotional support distorting as control and contort, Uncomfortable in your skins because vulnerability was considered a sin, bin it…..laden it with suppressed satiation, When loved ones give me the space to be me in myContinue reading “Hear Me”

National Poetry Day Poem

It’s National Poetry Day, a Ray of Sun Kissed Words fill up my page, reminding me that rhyme is sublime. My journey with this Soul Searching Outlet began when my Dad died, I cried into the paper of expression, using my thoughts as a powerful lesson in the grieving and receiving of love, an accoladeContinue reading “National Poetry Day Poem”

Meter Mischa

I was limitless in my Addictions, craving quick fixes, making poor choices, destructive cycles. Looking outside in, forgetting my sins, Replaying again, illness laid within, Forgot ends, begin. Stigma suffocates, cliché made mistakes, Faded glamour breaks, Crotchet formed prisons, coloured blocks, tick tock. Lockdowns in local, Boyfriends my focal, sick from inside out, full ofContinue reading “Meter Mischa”

The Papparazzi’s Daughter became a Poet

The Papparazzi’s Daughter became a Poet, Using her innate Camera to scan words from Samsung Notes, She dotes on her Deceased Dad, on a feather he floats. His images caused chaos on several occasions, yet the ones she remembers most paid for her very existence. A self taught Photographer, his colour blindness led to interestingContinue reading “The Papparazzi’s Daughter became a Poet”