Perfectionistic Poetry

The running theme in my Poetry is perfectionism,Am I using it as a crutch to double Dutch on such sealing and appealing dreams? Am I to be seen as this immaculate collection infecting those who hang around me, viewing it as an aspiring level as opposed to the disheveled take they wanna break free from?Continue reading “Perfectionistic Poetry”

Swapped my Boyfriends for a Vaccum

Swapped my Boyfriends for a Vaccum since giving up Men for Lent, my Vaccum sucks up the naughty notions “I’m spent”, Using its phallic aesthetics to replace the magnetic yet pathetic ploy to destroy another boy in the bedroom, I loom over the handle and grasp the task in hand, Dancing with my Hoover asContinue reading “Swapped my Boyfriends for a Vaccum”