Perfectionistic Poetry

The running theme in my Poetry is perfectionism,Am I using it as a crutch to double Dutch on such sealing and appealing dreams? Am I to be seen as this immaculate collection infecting those who hang around me, viewing it as an aspiring level as opposed to the disheveled take they wanna break free from?Continue reading “Perfectionistic Poetry”

Eating Disoriented

The correlation between my eating disorder and perfectionism drives my mental obsession into a sworded yet valuable lesson. Weight masters The perpetuating disaster which awaits the numbers game, creating more shame in and amongst the Countdown of crevices. “I’ll have one from the top and four from the bottom please Rachel but make sure theyContinue reading “Eating Disoriented”

Cruel Inactions

Creeping Cruelly around my candescent evanescence, Paying a penance for the punishment I inflict upon myself, Health weary, feeling teary at the slightest criticism, minimalizing my mature communication to fit their colloquialism, Self-doubt, I tout the tickets to an audacious show before I implode, I must strive to feel alive without consent to meet myContinue reading “Cruel Inactions”

Grateful Greta

Grappling with gracious gratitude, My attitude has improved since taking a break, Like a stake through the heart of a Love Avoidant ❤, the How Programme became an antagonistic ointment for my needs, Exposing my fear, guilt and perfectionism to dangerous extents, it sent my system into overdrive, Lithe in aesthetics, phonetics pleasing to theContinue reading “Grateful Greta”


Weaker is the Seeker who is transfixed by the rulebook. Petrified, she must rectify and clarify. Permanently tense, her throat chakra needs a fence to deploy against the enemy within. Fearing people, places and things for criticism is astigmatism for the trapped trauma. Warmer are her attributes when her hyper sensitivity becomes less fidgety, clearingContinue reading “Perfectemundo”