Cane Power

Cradling, enabling this cane to initiate the pain. The Nuns casting their sadistic spells to punish the part that’s unwell. I send myself to a constant Convent of rules and regulations, swathing myself in bandages to supress bad languages, A linguistic shelter for my heart ❤ to swelter, there’s no escape from my head whichContinue reading “Cane Power”

Dial M for Mischa

Irrevocably reconciled, I dialled the number for ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out of God knows where’, forgetting I’m a bystander neither here nor there. You wouldn’t catch me on a programme like that anyway, confronting my fears on national television. I’m more of a Strictly Girl with specially made DM’s with a slight heelContinue reading “Dial M for Mischa”

The Ex

A cantankerous body of souls folds pleats into my nighttime sheets, Convalescence crepes from the nape of my neck to the tips of my toes, curling as my subconscious transcends me into another world, where Exes play the lead as the story unfolds. I’m trying to make sense of the jumbled puzzle upon awakening, forsakingContinue reading “The Ex”