Taiquando Technicalities

Showering myself in Taekwondo Techinicalites, personalities persuaded, shaded in reds, golds and greens, I’m keen to get started on arted streams of living the dream, Sorcery slaves come in waves as I stumble upon depths of Johnny Depp typecast of weird yet wonderful characters. I see myself in them, a sidelined soul shoaled for notContinue reading “Taiquando Technicalities”

Wandering Withdrawals

I always feel better once I express my lottery letters of Editors pick of the day asquality time alone ruined by rapid speaking of the Serenity Prayer, debonair in it’s dressed up distraction, my hearts palpitations reach its caffeine climax, I seek fellowship in lip to lip service,sensory souls fold pleats in my mould,An audioContinue reading “Wandering Withdrawals”

Male Mates Required

Tranversive Text through a FedEx File of Fury,Curator of a Dater without Whirlwind Romance leaves me with Ants in my Pants, A Sea Shanty of sorts resorts to Knickerboxer Gloria…..as Van Morrison’s 60’s classic plays in the background, an image conjured of back seat petting needs vetting as I surround sounds the not so subtleContinue reading “Male Mates Required”


Whimsical is the pinnacle of my lyrical banter, Whispering into my psyche like some kind of mantra, Words weeping in the comfort of Willow Trees, They ease my narrative and become my curative, Now is the space where healing can take place, After a tough couple of days, I beat the craving and enter intoContinue reading “Bants”

The Lippy Hippy

My Strap On Serendipity plays homage to my part-time Hippy, A notion which is growing in inches, pinches a little to make room for the Divine Feminim, A cacophony of happy accidents, pent up energy creating synergy, a linear approach guided by her Coach of her understanding, stranded on an Island of self-will, her needContinue reading “The Lippy Hippy”

Soul Sockets

Plugging into the Sockets of my Soul, My Co-dependency has taken its toll, Bubbling beneath the slippery surface, Burning up like an ego driven furnace, Role play ruminating, painting the perfect end to a less than perfect reality, Building a safe to store my fearful self in, purposefully forgetting the pin – win, win situation,Continue reading “Soul Sockets”

Debra C and Mischa D’s Poetry Slam

Even if a bee leaves a rose unseen, I never saw one of the roses on the bush turn green. A cocktail of red, pink and yellow, The English flower belongs to its fellows, No envy can arise when the shared bare root is known A bouquet of fellowship – out of a common painContinue reading “Debra C and Mischa D’s Poetry Slam”

Perfectionistic Poetry

The running theme in my Poetry is perfectionism,Am I using it as a crutch to double Dutch on such sealing and appealing dreams? Am I to be seen as this immaculate collection infecting those who hang around me, viewing it as an aspiring level as opposed to the disheveled take they wanna break free from?Continue reading “Perfectionistic Poetry”


You lost your SLAA Supply over Lockdown and blamed lack of connection for your sultry demise into cutting ties with AA Meetings in person…… When really the Women you sought were no longer bought by quotings of the ‘Big Book’, hooking them into a false belief your 24 years of Recovery was solid, Sordid moreContinue reading “Qualifier”