Taiquando Technicalities

Showering myself in Taekwondo Techinicalites, personalities persuaded, shaded in reds, golds and greens, I’m keen to get started on arted streams of living the dream, Sorcery slaves come in waves as I stumble upon depths of Johnny Depp typecast of weird yet wonderful characters. I see myself in them, a sidelined soul shoaled for notContinue reading “Taiquando Technicalities”

Male Mates Required

Tranversive Text through a FedEx File of Fury,Curator of a Dater without Whirlwind Romance leaves me with Ants in my Pants, A Sea Shanty of sorts resorts to Knickerboxer Gloria…..as Van Morrison’s 60’s classic plays in the background, an image conjured of back seat petting needs vetting as I surround sounds the not so subtleContinue reading “Male Mates Required”


Weaker is the Seeker who is transfixed by the rulebook. Petrified, she must rectify and clarify. Permanently tense, her throat chakra needs a fence to deploy against the enemy within. Fearing people, places and things for criticism is astigmatism for the trapped trauma. Warmer are her attributes when her hyper sensitivity becomes less fidgety, clearingContinue reading “Perfectemundo”

Christmas Fear

Christmas comes but once a year, instead of cheer, I’m full of fear, I shed a tear on Boxing Day as I share my feelings, dealing with overwhelming thoughts of guilt. I don’t enjoy family or group dynamics, triggers tantalising my unhealthy coping mechanisms, a prism within colloquialism. So I chose to keep myself safeContinue reading “Christmas Fear”