Swapped my Boyfriends for a Vaccum

Swapped my Boyfriends for a Vaccum since giving up Men for Lent, my Vaccum sucks up the naughty notions “I’m spent”, Using its phallic aesthetics to replace the magnetic yet pathetic ploy to destroy another boy in the bedroom, I loom over the handle and grasp the task in hand, Dancing with my Hoover asContinue reading “Swapped my Boyfriends for a Vaccum”

Star Crossed Chords

As I’m chord cutting, I envision myself as a Jedi Master, the faster my light sabre moves, the faster my feuds are removed, Driven by entangled toxic connected shocks is a revelling reminder to be kinder to those who pose a threat to my safety net. An assumption conjured up by the gumption of theContinue reading “Star Crossed Chords”


Contentious sensuality is like scoring a penalty for the other team…..yet that opponent resides in your head…..next minute you’re in bed with a guy…..undoing his flies…… You promised yourself, you wouldn’t slip, yet a tip off from the local petting shop has you queuing up for the same old shambles. Brambles pricking at your skinContinue reading “Sensuality”

The Ex

A cantankerous body of souls folds pleats into my nighttime sheets, Convalescence crepes from the nape of my neck to the tips of my toes, curling as my subconscious transcends me into another world, where Exes play the lead as the story unfolds. I’m trying to make sense of the jumbled puzzle upon awakening, forsakingContinue reading “The Ex”