Taiquando Technicalities

Showering myself in Taekwondo Techinicalites, personalities persuaded, shaded in reds, golds and greens, I’m keen to get started on arted streams of living the dream, Sorcery slaves come in waves as I stumble upon depths of Johnny Depp typecast of weird yet wonderful characters. I see myself in them, a sidelined soul shoaled for notContinue reading “Taiquando Technicalities”


Why do I return to the Mac who hasn’t got my back, using my vulnerability to appease his lack of responsibility, An Anorectic Avoidant whose Co-dependency provides his entity, Emotionally unavailable, unstable in his constitution yet I keep going back for more. Zero personal boundaries equating a foundry for my mental mould. When will thisContinue reading “Nikoteen”