Soul Sockets

Plugging into the Sockets of my Soul, My Co-dependency has taken its toll,

Bubbling beneath the slippery surface, Burning up like an ego driven furnace,

Role play ruminating, painting the perfect end to a less than perfect reality,

Building a safe to store my fearful self in, purposefully forgetting the pin – win, win situation,

Intuition spot on but slightly skewed by the complex PTSD. EDMR has the future key to the new attitude of tmw,

Borrowed, begged and stolen from the broken brain, fixing and linking till I’m self-contained

Pain plummeting at super speed, no need to do the deed to nab a man, ‘I’m worth more than that’ just gotta start believing that statement, a personal payment has been accepted into the heart ❤ of Mischa, let her be your biggest Teacher x

Published by mishaddict

I'm a Recovering Addict whom journals around me sobriety issues.

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