Seagull Secrets

Seagull salutations as Wednesday becomes my vacation into the early morning viewing over yawning phrases such as “you gotta be kidding me, I have a full day of course catch up infront of thee”,

Maybe ‘the dark end of the street’ reference at the end of Avoidance was a key sign to chill the fuck out and get rid of self-doubt,

A worrying kind to project, I won’t have enough time to complete my trajectory, forgetting the information lays in the chat already,

Believing I can do this is key…..also it won’t just be me, I’ll have my HP on hand to make marks in the sand, hand delivered which considers the hrs……not towers of tantalising twists, I must resist the urge to catastrophise which is recognised in the Addict World as……………
Elderly embellishments towards the strangulation of simple sentiments,

Expecting the worst to engage with the thirst of forbidden fruits,

Cute by rose tinted glasses 壟 makes half empty look aplenty in the twirling travels of reward receiving rights to shine the system denoted in crimson,

For the grapes  have materialised before our very eyes…….before we’ve even taken a sip, the trip back into tight rope situations has levitated into submission,

As we’re led back to the twelve steps, having leapt in our heads to fast forward events,

We can cope with life on life’s terms as long as we work it cause we’re worth it!

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